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What We Do

Nurturing Ghana's Public Service Pioneers

At Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana, we firmly believe that the bedrock of Ghana’s development and economic prosperity lies in the strength of its public sector institutions. Our mission is crystal clear: to catalyse Ghana’s progress by fortifying its public sector institutions through global partnerships and our transformative Public Sector Fellowship programme.

Building Youth Capacity, Strengthening Institutions,  Our programme is meticulously crafted to identify, recruit, and enable the brightest and most promising future leaders that Ghana has to offer. These exceptional individuals are carefully placed in impactful public sector roles, where they become agents of positive change.

Our fellows embark on a journey of profound growth. They benefit from dedicated supervisory support, rigorous training, and invaluable mentorship. This holistic approach equips them with the skills, knowledge, and unwavering confidence needed not only to launch but also to thrive in successful careers within the public sector arena.

Catalysing Transformation in Ghana

Founded on Ghanaian soil in 2018, Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana’s vision extends far beyond its inception. We aspire to see our Public Sector Fellowship Programme make an even greater impact, reaching wider and deeper into the heart of Ghana’s future. Our ambitious yet attainable long-term goal is to nurture a vast network of over 500 dedicated fellows by 2027.

This expansion signifies our unwavering commitment to cultivating a new generation of public servants who are resolute in advancing the societal and economic well-being of Ghana. Together, we are charting a path toward a future where Ghana’s public service stands as a beacon of excellence, driving the nation’s progress and prosperity for future generations.

At Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana, we adopt a multifaceted approach to equip the youth in Ghana via our esteemed Fellowship Programme. In collaboration with strategic partnerships, we provide tailored programmes, capacity-building initiatives, and a robust support network to nurture their leadership potential to strengthen public-facing institutions in Ghana

Our commitment is deeply rooted in equipping the next generation of leaders with the essential tools, motivation, and network of allies needed to champion the strengthening of institutions. We aim to fortify the very foundations upon which sustainable change is built, fostering a prosperous and equitable future for all.

Our Mission

Catalysing Transformation in Ghana

At Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana, our mission is to join hands with the Ghanaian government, local organisations, and communities to actively identify and empower devoted public sector professionals who are passionately dedicated to advancing the principles of good governance within Ghana.

Our Vision

We envision a prosperous and equitable Ghana, fostered by good governance.

Our Core Values





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Community Development

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