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The Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana (EPL Ghana) Public Service Fellowship Programme is a journey of growth, innovation, and leadership. It commences with a rigorous and highly competitive selection process where we identify individuals who embody our core values of excellence, leadership, integrity, and community service. Each year, we seek out the brightest and most dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common aspiration to make a difference in the public sector.

The fellowship programme is now a one-year programme aimed at recruiting highly motivated citizens who have successfully completed their National Service, and seek to improve governance in the public sector and policy-influencing organizations. The Programme continues to provide support and a secure pathway through the public sector for Ghanaians, especially women, that includes monthly professional training, robust supervision and mentoring, and ongoing career support and development.


Who are Emerging Public Leaders?

Emerging Public Leaders is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Washington DC, USA, with a local body in Ghana, known as Emerging Public Leaders of Ghana (EPL Ghana). Since 2018, EPL Ghana has partnered with the Government of Ghana through the Office of the Head of Civil Service, to train and develop a crop of ethical and competent young civil service professionals who are committed to good governance and excellent delivery of public goods and services. EPL Ghana currently runs the Public Sector Fellowship where; its Fellows are matched with valuable and practical work experience, provided opportunities in learning and professional development to expand their professional network, coached, and given supervisory support to aid their transition to full-time employment within a public sector.

Who qualifies to become an EPL Fellow?

All Ghanaian graduate nationals who are not above 32 years qualify, and have a strong passion to start a public sector career in Ghana qualify to become an EPL Fellow.

What is the cost or application fee to enrol in EPL’s Fellowship program?

The program is entirely free for all applicants.

What is the duration of the EPL Fellowship recruitment process?

The EPL fellowship recruitment takes a total of three (3) months (May to July), and the results of applications are released in the month of July.

What is the duration of an EPL Fellowship program, generally?

This current programme is a one (1) year fellowship, although the previous programs did run for 2 years.

Is this program open to international students?

No, this program is open to only Ghanaian nationals either here or in the diaspora, who are committed to transformative solutions around pressing policy issues, inequality and development.

What is the proposed start date for the Fellowship?

The proposed start date is Tuesday, August 1, 2023. The Fellowship will last for 12 months from the start date.

Can I decide the specific sector/office to be in?

No, you cannot decide the specific sector to be placed in. However, all partners are carefully selected and applicants are matched based on their specific skills.

What kind of support will Fellows receive while in the Fellowship?

Fellows will be paid an entry-level salary, exposed to a series of training and other leadership opportunities, and possibly gain full employment at the end of the Fellowship.

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